Healthcare Unblocked 2018

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November 9, 2018 8:15am - 7:30pm / Etc Venues, Prospero House, 241 Borough High St, London, SE1 1GA


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The UK’s first flagship and must-attend conference dedicated to advancing blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology in healthcare, assembling the ‘who’s who’ of expertise and experience in this cutting-edge field.

Topics to be covered include:
How can blockchain help save costs and reform the NHS?
What impact are blockchain/DLT having in the arena of genomic data?
Can blockchain help patients take ownership of their own healthcare?
Preventive Medicine and Longevity – what role can blockchain play?
What are the new business models being enabled by the rise of tokenisation?


Welcome, Registration and Coffee

8.15 - 8.45am

Please join us for coffee, croissants and networking

Introduction to Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology in Healthcare

8.45 - 9.00am

This opening session led by Unblocked CEO, Helen Disney, explains the true potential of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies and why these technologies are set to transform the healthcare industry.

Keynote Address - Fixing the Pain

9.00 - 9.30am

Alex Cahana – Venture Partner  HealthCare/MedTech Advisor at CryptoOracle

Can Blockchain help save costs and reform the NHS?

9.30 - 10.15am

Case Study: Eric M. Fish – Federation of State Medical Boards

Followed by a panel discussion moderated by:

Barry E James, CEO and Founder, Token Intelligence.


Eleonora Harwich – Director of Research, Reform

Dr Navin Ramachandran – UCH and IOTA Foundation

Dr James Somauroo – Founding Partner,



Building a Decentralised Healthcare Identity

10.15 - 10.45

Speaker: Tory Thorpe, UK Health and Public Sector Lead, Accenture

Coffee Break

10.45 - 11.15

Have coffee and view our exhibition space

The Disrupting Convergence of Blockchain, AI & Healthcare

11.15 - 11.55

Moderator: Tina Woods – CEO & Founder, Collider Health

Hans Graux – Co-Founder & IT Lawyer, Timelex

Dmitry Kaminskiy – General Managing Partner, Deep Knowledge Ventures

Jerome Rousselot – Founder, Jita

Humayan Sheikh – CEO and Co-Founder,

Preventive medicine and longevity - what role can blockchain play?

11.55 - 12.35

Moderator: Genevieve Leveille, Founder, Agriledger, and Vice-Chair, techUK DLT working group


Aldo de Pape – Co-Founder and CEO,

Dr Natalie Pankova – COO, Project Shivom

Dr Rabia T Khan – Founding Analyst, Deep Science Ventures


12.35 - 1.30pm

A Buffet Lunch and Refreshments will be provided

Managing the Data Life Cycle

1.30 - 2.00pm

In conversation with Serena Yin, BioLife

Will blockchain help patients and doctors improve management of healthcare data?

2.00pm - 3.00pm

Case Study: Aman Quadri – CEO, Amsys Blockchain AMCHART Initiative

Session moderator – Robert Learney, Lead Technologist in Blockchain and Distributed ledger technology, Digital Catapult


Elizabeth Chee – Co-Founder and COO, HIT Foundation

Mohammed Tayeb – Co-Founder, Medicalchain

Dr Manreet Nijjar – Physician and Co-Founder, Truu

Suhail Chugtai, MD – Ambassador, Patientory Association



Healthcare on Blockchain: Making It Real

3.00 - 3.30pm

Pradeep Goel, CEO, Solve.Care Foundation

Digital service records, analytics and actionable insights for medical devices and equipment

3.45 - 4.15pm

Speaker: Susan Ramonat, Chief Executive, Spiritus Partners

Healthcare Transformation In Practice – A Startup Showcase

4.15 - 5.00pm

Showcasing up-and-coming new Blockchain-based use cases and applications in healthcare from startups including ChainCubed, Grapevine World, and MyEarth.Id.

Session Moderator: Dr Jane Thomason, Abt Associates and CEO, Blockchain Quantum Impact

Judges including:

Matthew Dove, Lead Digital Editor, Fintech Times 

Toby Lewis, CEO, Novum Insights

Dr Amit Patel – Director of New Ventures, Bupa (attending in a personal capacity)

What are the new business models being enabled by the rise of tokenisation?

5.00 - 5.30pm

Speaker: Cassius Kiani – Founder, Atlas Neue

Closing Keynote: Future Vision for Blockchain in Healthcare

5.30pm - 6.10pm

Heather Leigh Flannery, Health Circle Global Lead, ConsenSys

Networking Drinks sponsored by ConsenSys Health

6.10 - 7.00pm

Please stay with us for our networking drinks, generously sponsored by ConsenSys Heath, and continue the conversations.

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    Shiv Aggarwal

    Shiv Aggarwal is the CEO of MyEarth.Id, a Decentralised Identity Management Platform. He is a technology entrepreneur working with niche technologies, including Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He is also the founder & director of, London based Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies experts and leads the Identity and Hashgraph groups at Government Blockchain Association, an international non-profit organization.

    Read more.

    Wernhard Berger

    Wernhard Berger is Chief Business Development Officer of Grapevine World. He has held multiple roles at start-ups, consultancies and multinational corporations in Vienna, London and Silicon Valley. Before his role at Grapevine World, he led business development and go-to-market for Cisco’s Connected Health Interoperability Platform and Medical Data Exchange Solution, coordinating sales, marketing and product management activities across Europe and the US.

    Read more.

    Alex Cahana

    Alex Cahana is Head of Healthcare and Blockchain Consulting at Genesis Block. With over 25 years of experience in clinical medicine, Dr. Cahana consults multiple national and international private and public companies, start-ups and healthcare organizations on blockchain technology, digiceutical integration and healthcare redesign.

    Read more.

    Elizabeth Chee

    Elizabeth Chee is Co-Founder and COO of the HIT Foundation. Part of the Cryptovalley Association, HIT Foundation offers a blockchain-based marketplace for personal health data that helps individuals in the Healthcare ecosystem to digitize, trace and monetize their health data.

    Read more.

    Aldo de Pape

    Aldo de Pape is co-founder and CEO of Aldo founded TeachPitch, a technology that helps teachers & schools with the problem of information abundance through curation, artificial intelligence and online training. He previously worked in scientific publishing for Springer and Macmillan and is author of a children’s book ‘I am!’, published in 2008.

    Read more.

    Helen Disney

    Helen Disney is the CEO and Founder of Unblocked and a Founding Partner of Dots Ventures. She is also a Co-Founder of the British Blockchain and Frontier Technologies Association (BBFTA).

    Read more.

    Matthew Dove

    Matthew Dove is Lead digital editor at The Fintech Times and a tech writer, blockchain democrat and cryptocurrency enthusiast.

    Read more.

    Dr Maureen Emeagi

    Dr Maureen Emeagi is a GP with 12 years of experience in the NHS. She is the founder of, a blockchain powered medical marketplace which incentivises patients to improve their long term health and gives them ownership of their physical, biochemical and genomic data.

    Read more.

    Eric M. Fish

    Eric M. Fish is the Senior Vice President of Legal Services at the Federation of State Medical Boards and serves as the general counsel for the organization. He also assists in the FSMB’s federal and state advocacy efforts, analyzing legislation and healthcare trends, and consulting on the development of model policies for state medical boards.

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    Heather Flannery

    Heather Flannery is Global Lead at ConsenSys Health and the Co-Founder and Board Chair of Blockchain in Healthcare Global, a 501(c)6 trade association organized under the IEEE ISTO. She also serves as the FY19 Co-Chair of the global HIMSS Blockchain in Healthcare Task Force.

    Read more.

    Pradeep Goel

    Pradeep Goel is CEO of Solve.Care Foundation which aims to redefine care coordination, improve access to care, empower the consumer with information and ability, reduce benefit administration costs and eliminate fraud and waste from healthcare and benefit administration around the world. .

    Read more.

    Hans Graux

    Hans Graux is an IT lawyer and co-founder at the Brussels based law firm Timelex (, which specialises in information and technology law in the broadest sense.

    Read more.

    Eleonora Harwich

    Eleonora Harwich is Director of Research and Head of Digital and Tech Innovation at the think tank, Reform. She co-authored a project which looked at the uses of DLT for identity management in the public sector and is particularly interested in the public-sector applications of artificial intelligence.

    Read more.

    Barry E James

    Barry E James is an internationally respected author and fintech thought leader. An advisor to the British Blockchain Association on Startups and ICOs, and a weekly contributor to CityAM’s Crypto Insider section in collaboration with sister site and podcast

    Read more.

    Dmitry Kaminskiy

    Dmitry Kaminskiy is an innovative entrepreneur and investor who is active in the fields of biotech, fintech, blockchain and AI. Kaminskiy is a co-founder and a managing partner at Deep Knowledge Ventures, an investment fund focused on DeepTech and advanced science projects.

    Read more.

    Dr Rabia T Khan

    Dr Rabia T Khan is an exploratory scientist who trained as an immuno-geneticist. She recently left her role at BAI to establish her own venture in computational drug discovery as a founder at Deep Science Ventures.

    Read more.

    Genevieve Leveille

    Genevieve Leveille is CEO and Founder of Agriledger and Vice-Chair of techUK’s DLT Group.

    Read more.

    Robert Learney

    Rob is Lead Technologist in Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology at Digital Catapult where he is involved in developing new programmes that help groups from multiple sectors explore the potential of this technology to unlock economic growth for the UK. Prior to joining, he co-founded the Imperial College Centre for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering

    Read more.

    Toby Lewis

    Toby Lewis is CEO and Founder of market monitoring company, Novum Insights. He is a serial entrepreneur, prolific writer and analyst, straddling the worlds of technology startups, venture capital and data science. Novum produced the definitive special report on blockchain startups in Sept. 2017.

    Read more.

    Dr Manreet Nijjar

    Dr Manreet Nijjar is a practicing Infectious Diseases and General Medicine Physician who has been working in the NHS for over a decade. He has recently completed his Consultant training and is focusing creating a trusted decentralised digital identity for doctors and associated healthcare workers. Dr Nijjar also contributed to the health section of Lord Holmes’s report on blockchain.

    Read more.

    Dr Natalie Pankova

    Dr Natalie Pankova is the Chief Operating Officer at Metadvice, a company building AI-based clinical decision support solutions to enable doctors to combine the avalanche of newly available medical information into their clinical practice, while enabling patients to retain access rights to data using distributed ledger technology (DLT).

    Read more.

    Dr Amit Patel

    Amit Patel is Director, New Ventures at Bupa. He is attending as a showcase judge in a personal capacity.

    Read more.

    Aman Quadri

    Aman Quadri is CEO of AMSYS Blockchain, Co-Founder of the AMCHART Initiative, and Chief Strategy Officer of the AMSYS Group. He is also a Co-Founder of Blockchain in Healthcare Global, an initiative to help set rules, regulations, and standards that all can follow.

    Read more.

    Dr Navin Ramachandran

    Dr. Navin Ramachandran  is a practising radiology consultant at University College London Hospital and a member of the IOTA Foundation.

    Read more.

    Susan Ramonat

    Susan Ramonat is Founder and CEO of Spiritus Partners. Her concerns about cybersecurity risks and operational resilience led her to explore blockchain’s disruptive potential across industry sectors starting in 2014. She speaks frequently at industry conferences and universities about blockchain, IOT and cybersecurity for critical infrastructure.

    Read more.

    Jerome Rousselot

    Dr. Jerome Rousselot founded Jita, a blockchain advisory services company, in 2015. Jita offers strategy, security and IT architecture advice to startups, scale-ups and corporations. Jerome has worked in cryptocurrencies since 2014, and was until 2018 Chief Revenue Officer of Mycelium, one of the most trusted digital wallets.
    Read more.

    Alexander Seyf

    Alexander Seyf is a seasoned entrepreneur and Founder of ChainCubed. ChainCubed is a business with a purpose: believing in the revolutionary potential of blockchain and distributed ledger technology and wanting to enable clients to create exciting new businesses and solve the challenges of existing businesses. ChainCubed’s mission is to speed up the process of taking impactful blockchain ideas from concept to reality.

    Read more.

    Humayun Sheikh

    Humayun Sheikh is a serial entrepreneur and visionary. He is CEO and Co-Founder of, which is his fourth major venture. He was formerly a lead investor in DeepMind, having the vision to provide early-stage support to artificial intelligence & deep neural network technology. Humayun studied nanotechnology at Cranfield University and considers Blockchain, AI and Machine learning as his key focus areas as Fetch.AI brings the benefits of ‘Autonomous Economic Agents’ to the world, via its innovative decentralised network.

    Read more.

    Dr James Somauroo

    Dr James Somauroo is a medical doctor with a keen interest in digital health. He is the Founder of & Director of the Accelerator.

    Read more.

    Mohammed Tayeb

    Mo Tayeb is the Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer of Medicalchain. Medicalchain uses blockchain technology to securely store health records. Different organisations such as doctors, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacists and health insurers can request permission to access a patient’s record to serve their purpose and record transactions on the distributed ledger.

    Read more.

    Dr Jane Thomason

    Dr Thomason is a thought leader in the applications of blockchain technology to solve social problems.  She is CEO of Fintech Worldwide and co-author of Blockchain Technology for Global Social Change. She is a regular hackathon judge and mentor including London Blockchain Week, London Fintech Week, ConsensSys and EOS Global Hackathons.

    Read more.

    Victoria Thorpe

    Victoria (Tory) Thorpe is UK Health and Public Sector Blockchain Lead at Accenture. She also  leads Accenture’s Girls in STEM events to help inspire and engage school girls in STEM careers.

    Read more.

    Tina Woods

    Tina Woods is Founder & CEO of Collider Health and Chair of the Future Health Collective. She is also an Adviser to the National AHSN Artificial Intelligence Iniitiative and an Ecosystem Builder for the Healthy Ageing Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.
    Read more.

    Serena Yin

    Serena Yin is one of ACChain’s sponsors and the China-based manager for its technical service company, ACChain Technology International Service Ltd (ATIS). Her dedication to blockchain project consulting, business model design and incubation services has led to her ongoing commitment to developing ACChain as a public chain anchored with physical assets, providing simple and convenient asset digitisation tools for global assets in an open community.

    Read more.

What You Will Learn

– User-friendly introduction to cryptocurrencies and applications of blockchain
– Discover new use cases and applications affecting the healthcare sector
– Understand the strategic importance of blockchain and the new business models being created that will transform the way you do business
– Keep up-to-date with the latest new developments in the field with case-study led content
– Meet leading startups, investors and entrepreneurs innovating for the future


"Your healthcare event was brilliant. Glad to see that London still leads the way in terms of international innovation."

Matthew Gardiner - Catch London

"I was most impressed by the quality of speakers and delegates. We are at the challenging phase of moving from theory to practice for many of the potential users of blockchain. Your events are certainly helping to bridge the gap!"

Conference delegate at Healthcare Unblocked

"One of the best conferences ever with a level of relevant and real-world examples that are not always found"

Conference Speaker, Healthcare Unblocked

"Healthcare Unblocked was the first healthtech event we’ve attended that truly covered new ground, spoke in line with the sector, and exhibited extremely well-informed speakers and audience."

Imogen Bunyard - Co-Founder, Qadre

"Healthcare Unblocked 2018 was a seminal event"

Barry James - Token Intelligence

"a rich, intelligently designed agenda and a chance to network with go getters"

Jenny Creed Geraghty - Healthcare Unblocked 2018 attendee

"An extremely high quality cutting edge event with expert speakers and well informed audience - thoroughly enjoyable and excellent learnings"

Dr Jane Thomason - Abt Associates

"I had the pleasure of meeting Helen Disney last year when she organised what I would have said was the premier event in Blockchain."

Genevieve Leveille - Founder, 0tentic8

"Very interesting and a proper glimpse into the not-too-distant future. The talks felt particularly relevant to my area of work so I'll be investigating further."

MS Society

"The most succinct explanation of what Blockchain could do for our sector to date"


"This is one of the best curated series in London or globally. This is a great opportunity to learn new things and going ons in the space."

Blockchain startup founder

"World-class events"

Founder - Braxxis Partners

"A really great and informative session with a lot of impressive speakers!"


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