Can Blockchain save the NHS?

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March 1, 2018 6:00pm - 8:30pm / We Work, Old St, 41 Corsham Street, London, N1 6DR


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The NHS is a much-loved institution but the system is on its knees and facing an entrenched range of problems from confidential data going missing to blocked beds, from dangerously long waits in A&E to lack of timely access to information and unempowered patients.

Could blockchain technology help cut costs, reduce the administrative burden, securely track test results, and safely share data to empower patients and the medical profession? And from the perspective of enterprise and investors, where is the real return on investment in healthcare reform in both the short and longer term?

Come and find out what blockchain is and what it means for healthcare reform. And meet the NHS doctors, reformers and innovators embracing blockchain and distributed ledger technology to help build the NHS of the future.


Registration and networking

6.00 - 6.30pm

Please arrive at We Work Old St between 6 – 6.30pm for registration and networking.

Presentation by Pradeep Goel, followed by panel discussion

6.30 - 8.00pm

The event will kick off with an overview of the systemic problems facing the NHS by Pradeep Goel, Founder, Solve-Care Foundation and followed by a panel discussion with 4 leading NHS doctors committed to pursuing digital health and NHS reform using blockchain/Distributed Ledger technology.

Moderator – Helen Disney, CEO, Unblocked.


8.00 - 8.30pm

Please stay with us after the panel end to meet the speakers and continue the discussion over drinks.


    Dr Abdullah Albeyatti

    Dr Abdullah Albeyatti is CEO and Co-Founder of Medicalchain. He graduated from Imperial College London as a doctor in 2011. He has always had a passion for innovation and problem solving and has developed solutions to inefficiencies he found whilst working in the UK National Health Service.

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    Helen Disney

    Helen Disney is the CEO and Founder of Unblocked and a Founding Partner of Dots Ventures. She is also a Co-Founder of the British Blockchain and Frontier Technologies Association (BBFTA).

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    Pradeep Goel

    Pradeep Goel is CEO of Solve.Care Foundation which aims to redefine care coordination, improve access to care, empower the consumer with information and ability, reduce benefit administration costs and eliminate fraud and waste from healthcare and benefit administration around the world. .

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    Dr Navin Ramachandran

    Dr. Navin Ramachandran  is a practising radiology consultant at University College London Hospital and a member of the IOTA Foundation.

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    Dr James Somauroo

    Dr James Somauroo is a medical doctor with a keen interest in digital health. He is the Founder of & Director of the Accelerator.

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    Dr Stewart Southey

    Dr Stewart Southey is an NHS Consultant Anaesthetist and Founder of Catena Consulting, a firm which guides C-level executives about blockchain and other emerging technologies, helping them appraise and implement solutions if desired or strategically advantageous to do so.

    He has advised a number of blockchain startups, is Chief Medical Officer for Biohax International and writes regularly for Forbes on Blockchain in Healthcare.

    He recently completed an MSc in Digital Currencies, which will make him one of a handful doctors in the world with such a qualification.

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What You Will Learn

What is Blockchain/Distributed Ledger technology?

What makes health systems including the NHS ripe for reform with blockchain?

What real world projects are being developed now that could help?

What else do we need to do to create change – implementation hurdles and challenges


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